Author of The Orphan Dreamer Saga 

J Nell Brown

Author, Traveller, Dog Mom, and most importantly God's Girl

Writing 16+ Coming-of-Age Adventure stories that feature an Epic scale, Kindred Friendships, Inspirational Themes, STEM, A Splash of Romance, and a Fantastical Twist

A Two-Volume New Release from J. Nell Brown is Coming Fall ​of 2023!

The God Factor Saga

" A prized novel! A novel of more depth than any recently read novel . . ."

Inspirational Author

A Novel 

The  Collector's Edition: Originally Published before the story became a trilogy and then a seven novel series

Coming of Age, Epic Adventure spiced with Light Romance and Comedy

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Multicultural Young Adult Romance


Talks about mental Illness

Shows physical abuse

Talks about sexual abuse

Talks about suicide


She's a modern-day prophetess, armed with dreams of the future, and Daniela Cavanaugh must warn her friends and enemies before a looming pandemic strikes the earth. But Daniela nurtures dreams of her own―to fall in love in spite of her antiquated virtuous beliefs. This mission proves to be a feat more challenging in her mind than parting the Red Sea. Her romantic dreams remain dormant for many years as she studies medicine then becomes a medical doctor.

Thirty years olds and she has never been kissed!

Conceived on the same day, Cillian Finn is born to a single mother in a shack on the Antrim Coast of Ireland. Life plays him no favors. Orphaned, he is ravaged by abuse and survives only to live as a vagabond who needs a Red Sea miracle of his own. Flickers of a dream smolder in his heart―the American dream nestled in the arms of a girl who could love him in spite of his scars.

Fate sabotages his dreams. 

Sucked into the dark world of The Orphans―a rogue espionage team―he must find an old relic before the last blood moon arrives or die. The earth passes between the sun and the moon, and a blood moon forms.

Blood moons.

An ancient temple.

Jewish feast days.

A forbidden love.

A pandemic. All of these elements will collide at the end of time, creating the apocalypse.

Locating two relics will be the key to human survival. And both must be found by amateur archeologists, Cillian and Daniela before a pandemic obliterates all human life on Earth. Separated by time and space, they are charged to find the relics while sounding the prophetic warning before love vanquished by heartbreak and sinister forces threaten to silence them forever.

Will Cillian and Daniela forfeit their personal dreams of finding love to save feckless humans?

"J. Nell Brown's "Omega Journey" is a tour de force. ." —Inspirational Songwriter, Teacher, and Reader

The Omega Journey and Blood Moons Whisper is J. Nell's collector's edition novel as released by her original publisher and has not been re-edited by J. Nell Brown's Rogue Reads Publishing.