J. Nell Brown

Writing for the One

Continue the Orphan Dreamer Adventure 

"Every now and then you come across a book that takes your breath away!"

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A Novel (Episode #2)

Coming of Age, Epic Adventure spiced with Light Romance and Comedy


Rated G for language, 16+ for theme

Genre: YA Spiritual Fantasy Fiction


Talks about mental Illness

Talks about a friend's death

Talks about suicide

Shows child abuse (physical)

Fades to dark human trafficking scene


One snowflake falls from heaven to quench hell's thirst. I am that snowflake. I am Daniela―the Orphan Dreamer destined to rescue an orphan from his hell. 

Continue the Orphan Dreamer Saga—a seven-novel serial interspersed with seven novellas that intertwines three tales across time and space. Told in the style of the hit TV show, THIS IS US, the ORPHAN DREAMER SAGA is a modern-day retelling of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES meets THE DA VINCI CODE.

This epic story weaves an intricate tapestry of Divine guidance, faith, isolation, hope, and loss as it follows two children from their beginnings to their ends. Born on the same day, an ocean separates them until destiny introduces an orphan boy to a depressive schizophrenic girl inside her chaotic dreams.

Is the orphan boy real? 

If he's not real, does it matter?

Meet Daniela and Cillian in this episode, where a twist of fate alters the destiny of this orphan boy and the future of humanity in an epic journey that defies time and takes the reader from 1018 B.C. into a future of “what if’s” in the first full-length novel of the series, ORPHAN DREAMER AND THE GLASS TATTOO.

Daniela Rose―a preteen and Earth's newest kick-butt Indiana Jones―must come to terms with her destiny, avoid getting committed to the psychiatric ward, endure nightmares about a mysterious boy, deal with the mean girls at school, and save the world by traveling to the past to uncover clues hidden before the dawn of time.

Not even. Especially for an awkward thirteen-year-old girl with knobby knees, curly hair, brown skin, and nosebleeds. She’s certainly no one special in the eyes of her classmates, who either bully or ignore her.

Before realizing her destiny, Daniela had only two quests in life: become the youngest medical student at her dream school and find a kindred spirit.

However, her destiny has already been decided—and it doesn’t include friendship bracelets.

After her thirteenth birthday, Daniela must juggle going to school, caring for her ill father, and solving an ancient puzzle that will protect her friends—and enemies—from a dark, biblical-sized force. One that seeks to eradicate humans from Earth.

You know, typical middle school drama.

Will Daniela stop fighting for the kindred spirit her heart is destined for—leaving him unprotected and doomed to certain death?

Or will she rise to the challenge and meet her destiny head-on when a twist of fate alters the destiny of an orphan boy and the future of humanity?


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"Danny Rose and Cillian lead deeply unhappy lives. Their childhoods make for an uncomfortable telling, but they stick in the mind. For these two characters alone, readers may take a leap of faith."

―Kirkus Reviews