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Writing 16+ Coming-of-Age Adventure stories that feature an Epic scale, Kindred Friendships, Inspirational Themes, STEM, A Splash of Romance, and a Fantastical Twist

A Two-Volume New Release from J. Nell Brown is Coming Fall ​of 2023!

One girl. One boy. One Mission. 

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The Mission: To protect their home from an invasion by Earth's previous occupants.

Welcome to the Orphan Dreamer's world where why survive the apocalypse, when it can be escaped?

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—Excerpts from the Orphan Dreamer Saga—

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The ORPHAN DREAMER SAGA (ODS) is a Coming-of-Age Story with a Fantastical Twist about the most unlikely candidate chosen to become the next Indiana Jones—a twelve-year-old depressive schizophrenic named Daniela Rose Cavanaugh. Quirky school girl, Daniela Rose, navigates mean girls in her neighborhood while secretly time-traveling into exotic worlds of the past and future, searching for clues required to solve ancient puzzles that will be the key to saving her enemies from a dark force that seeks to eradicate humans and inhabit Earth.

ORPHAN DREAMER and the MISSING ARROWHEAD—the first non-linear short story in the ODS—shines a fleeting spotlight on this loveable heroine!

According to Kirkus Reviews, The Orphan Dreamer Saga is . . .

"A lengthy but absorbing tale steeped in profundity."

​"A challenging exploration of otherness and self-belief."

"An ostracized girl and an abused boy look for acceptance and survival in an eschatological fantasy from Brown."

"The dialogue . . . resonates strongly. . ." 

"Brown has steeped its pages in a religiosity and portent that add weight to the difficult subject matter." 

" (Danny Rose's and Cillian's) childhoods make for an uncomfortable telling, but they stick in the mind. For these two characters alone, readers may take a leap of faith."

"A girl capable of time travel attempts to prevent Armageddon in this fourth installment of Brown’s eschatological fantasy saga."

—Kirkus Reviews

According to Chanticleer Book Reviews, The Orphan Dreamer Saga short stories are . . .

Rich, well-told Sci-fi Shorts about strong women who yearn to be understood and accepted for who they are. Highly recommended.

Chanticleer Book Reviews

Novellas and Short Stories in the Orphan Dreamer Saga (ODD Episodes: 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.) can be read in any order.

Novels (EVEN episodes: 2, 4, 6, 8, etc) should be read in order. Thank you!


J. Nell's next Orphan Dreamer Novel (Episode 4)


It's a 2020 Kirkus Review Indie Editor Feature Pick!

"A (fantastical) thriller that makes you feel."Early Reviewer​

Release Date: March 14, 2021

In ORPHAN TREE AND THE VANISHING SKELETON KEY, Daniela must time travel and discover if the key to saving humanity from a deadly pandemic will be found inside an ancient vault hidden beneath a bombed World War Two-era Hiroshima church before her best friend and her parents vanish, leaving this shy and awkward girl a friendless orphan!

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J. Nell's Writing Music

J. Nell's Writing Music

J. Nell's Writing Music

J. Nell's Writing Music

What are people saying about the Orphan Dreamer Saga?

"It's the start of something amazing."—Heather G.

"Brilliant!"—Reader and Reviewer for "She Laughs Last"

"This saga has taken me on a roller-coaster ride."—J.M. Leech

"Harry Potter meets The Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones . . ." —LA Press Release

" . . . The moment I finished the story, I purchased the other two on Amazon and began reading. I’m not yet finished with the second book but I am loving the journey. Thank you for creating the story!" —Reader and Reviewer for "She Laughs Last"

"Epic, nicely wrought, evocative. Compelling. Imaginistic. The author offers a stunningly told tale, very dreamy; religious themes secure this as Christian fiction."—Ellie Maas Davis, Ingram Spark Editorial Review

The ORPHAN DREAMER SAGA (ODS) is a Coming-of-Age Story with a Fantastical Twist about the most unlikely candidate chosen to become the next Indiana Jones—a twelve-year-old depressive schizophrenic named Daniela Rose Cavanaugh.

Hi! It's J Nell Brown, the author of the Orphan Dreamer Saga―a coming-of-age supernatural and suspenseful series that consists of seven novels and several novellas.

Told in the style of the hit TV show, THIS IS US, the ORPHAN DREAMER SAGA is a modern-day retelling of two of J. Nell's favorite novels, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES meets THE DA VINCI CODE, in a play of fate that will change the destiny of an orphan and the future of humanity.

Because dreams do come true, let's take an adventure with DANIELA ROSE and begin the Orphan Dreamer's epic journey.

One girl.

One boy.

One mission.

To protect their home—Earth—from invasion by the planet’s previous occupants. 

If they fail, where will we live?

Find out by reading Episode #1: Orphan Dreamer and the Missing Arrowhead, and solve Daniela's first puzzle while navigating her at times choppy thoughts.

Orphan Falls

J. Nell's newest release, a Three 

Volume Novel

Coming Fall of 2023!

Volume I

Volume 2

Volume 3

Read Novel Two of the Orphan Dreamer Saga

Orphan Dreamer and the Glass Tattoo

"In the Orphan Dreamer Saga, Author J. Nell Brown―an Amazon New Release Top Ten Bestseller in Children and Young Adult Fantasy (Time-Travel Fiction)—takes readers on a journey that defies time, from 1018 B.C. to a future of what-ifs, in the second full-length novel of the series: ORPHAN DREAMER and the GLASS TATTOO."

Kirkus Reviews says, " . . .

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