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J. Nell Brown

‚ÄčInspirational Author who writes 16+ Coming-of-Age Stories splashed with Adventure, Romance, and a Fantastical Twist

One Snowflake Falls From Heaven to Quench Hell's Thirst

I Am That Snowflake

I am Daniela

I AM The Orphan Dreamer

Meet Earth's Newest Kick-Butt Indiana Jones, Daniela rose Cavanaugh

Quirky school girl, Daniela Rose, navigates mean girls in her neighborhood while secretly time-traveling into exotic worlds of the past and future, searching for clues required to solve ancient puzzles that will be the key to saving her enemies from a dark force that seeks to eradicate humans and inhabit Earth.

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(A Young Adult Supernatural Thriller Book Series)

Novellas and Short Stories can be read in any order. Novels should be read in order.

Orphan Dreamer and the Missing Arrowhead

A Novella (14 K Words)

Episode 1

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Orphan Dreamer And The Glass Tattoo

A Novel (120 K Words)

Episode 2

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She Laughs Last

A Short Story (6 K Words)

Episode 3

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Orphan Tree And The Vanishing Skeleton Key

A Novel (150 K Words)

Episode 4

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A Generation of Lighted Evergreens

A Novella (11 K Words)

Episode 5

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Orphan Falls: Wild and Free

A Novel

Episode 6

Coming 2021


A Novella (10 K Words)

Episode 7

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Orphan Star: The Mark

A Novel

Episode 8

Coming 2022

Little Peach Lies

A Novella (9 K Words)

Episode 9

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Orphan Seed: Desert Places

A Novel

Episode 10

Coming 2023

If Love's a Fish

A Novella

Episode 11

Coming 2024

Orphan's Horizon: The Lighthouse Leads

A Novel

Episode 12

Coming 2024

Orphan's End: The Beginning of Forever

A Novel

Episode 13

Coming 2025

How to Date a Demon During WW II

A Novella

Coming 2025

A Murder at the Harkness Table

A Novella

Coming 2025