Author of The Orphan Dreamer Saga 

J Nell Brown

Author, Traveller, Dog Mom, and most importantly God's Girl

Writing 16+ Coming-of-Age Adventure stories that feature an Epic scale, Kindred Friendships, Inspirational Themes, STEM, A Splash of Romance, and a Fantastical Twist

A Two-Volume New Release from J. Nell Brown is Coming Fall ​of 2023!

One Snowflake Falls From Heaven to Quench Hell's Thirst

I Am That Snowflake. I am Daniela. I AM The Orphan Dreamer.

Meet Earth's Newest Kick-Butt Indiana Jones, Daniela rose Cavanaugh. Quirky school girl, Daniela Rose, navigates mean girls in her neighborhood while secretly time-traveling into exotic worlds of the past and future, searching for clues required to solve ancient puzzles that will be the key to saving her enemies from a dark force that seeks to eradicate humans and inhabit Earth. 

Novellas and Short Stories can be read in any order.

Novels should be read in order.

Orphan Dreamer and the Missing Arrowhead

A Novella (14 K Words)

Episode 1

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Orphan Dreamer And The Glass Tattoo

A Novel (120 K Words)

Episode 2

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She Laughs Last

A Short Story (6 K Words)

Episode 3

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Orphan Tree And The Vanishing Skeleton Key

A Novel (150 K Words)

Episode 4

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A Generation of Lighted Evergreens

A Novella (11 K Words)

Episode 5

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Orphan Falls: Wild and Free

A Trilogy (265 K Words)

Episode 6

Coming 2023


A Novella (10 K Words)

Episode 7

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Orphan Star: The Mark

A Novel

Episode 8

Coming 2024

Little Peach Lies

A Novella (9 K Words)

Episode 9

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Orphan's Horizon: The Lighthouse Leads

A Novel

Episode 10

Coming 2025

A Murder at the Harkness Table

A Novella

Episode 11

Coming 2025

Orphan's Seed: Desert Places

A Novel

Episode 12

Coming 2026

If Love's a Fish . . .

A Novella

Episode 13

Coming 2025

Orphan's End: The Beginning of Forever

A Novel

Episode 14

Coming 2027


"J. Nell Brown illustrates the divide between how the world sees her protagonists and how they want to be seen. The descriptions show what these characters love about the world, what makes them happy and interests them, while complex emotions swirl in their heads. 

Orphan Dreamer and the Missing Arrowhead, She Laughs Last, and Little Peach Lies are all united by the central theme of family, trying to connect with and do right by the people one loves, the need to have faith in one’s self before that faith can genuinely extend to others. These characters’ unbearable yearning to find someone who understands them, truth and all, will resonate with all readers. Highly recommended."

—Chanticleer Book Reviews