Author of The Orphan Dreamer Saga 

J Nell Brown

Author, Traveller, Dog Mom, and most importantly God's Girl

Writing 16+ Coming-of-Age Adventurous Survival stories that feature an Epic scale, Friendship, Inspiration, Romance, and a Fantastical Twist

Hi, Time Travelers. Welcome. Begin the Orphan Dreamer's Adventure!

One girl. One boy. One mission.

Together they must protect Earth from an invasion by our planet’s previous occupants.

J. Nell's Inspirational Titles

A Star-Gazing Prophecy Book

Research for the Orphan Dreamer Saga

We are living in a historically significant time. Blood moons-known as lunar eclipses that occur in sync with Jewish Holidays warn of significant events concerning humanity's future.

A How-to Prayer Book

J. Nell Shares Her Prayer Journey

Does prayer work?

When it comes to your relationship with God, you probably have many questions: Does He ever really speak to His children? Does He want you to know the plans He has for your life? Can you know that God hears your prayers and will answer your prayers?